“Since atmosphere determines what lives and what dies, replication is the atmosphere in which ministry grows and ensures Kingdom expansion.” —Malcolm Burleigh, Intercultural Ministries senior director 


Intercultural Ministries serves the distinctive cultural, ethnic, and language groups within the United States. Our nation is called home by over five hundred diverse people groups who speak more than six hundred languages. Intercultural missionaries also minister to those in compassion groups, like people with disabilities, the blind, the deaf, as well as those in human trafficking, and foster care. 


Many Intercultural missionaries build relationships with people by teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in their communities. Others rescue women and children from human trafficking and prostitution. 


God is bringing the world to our doors. Instead of Christians from the United States traveling overseas to reach the world with the gospel, God is bringing the world here. 


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2015 Stats

10 Candidate missionaries and spouses

309 Missionaries and spouses


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