Project GiveBack

What is Project Giveback? 

Project Giveback is a partnership between U.S. Missions, districts, and the local church. U.S. Missions brings in proven trainers to a location chosen by your district to provide training in compassion ministries to equip you to reach your community. Assemblies of God churches and individuals faithfully support U.S. missionaries and ministries, and we want to give back to you in gratitude for your continued support! 

How does it work? 

Districts who are interested in hosting Project Giveback for their people contact U.S. Missions. U.S. Missions creates a customized online survey the district can send to its churches to help us discover what kinds of training you want. Based on this feedback, the district chooses the tracks they would like to offer. The district also chooses the timeframe and location for the training. U.S. Missions provides customized registration, Web page, and promotional files to spread the word about the training. 

Why do I need this training? 

Project Giveback is a great way to help you reach your community through methods other than inviting people to church. This is an excellent way to meet real needs felt by people in your community. Do you have a heart for the homeless? Is there a way for you to help locally with the human trafficking crisis? How can you help if a disaster strikes your community? U.S. Missions and your district connect you to training and to an ongoing relationship with a qualified specialist who will help you become part of the solution to your community's needs. You can make a difference locally. 

Topics include: 

  • Foster care/adoption
  • Critical incident response 
  • Human trafficking
  • Hospital visitation
  • Ministry to persons with disabilities 
    and more! 

How do I bring Project Giveback to my district? 

Project Giveback is coming soon to a district near you.  If you don't see your district below, contact your district office to express interest in bringing Project Giveback to your district. 


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