What is U.S. Missions?
U.S. Missions is comprised of seven Windows that strategically focus on different relational, ethnic, cultural, and needs groups in our country. Click for more information on any Window or U.S. Missions Administration.

How is U.S. Missions different from AG World Missions?
U.S. Missions (AGUSM) focuses its missions efforts here in the United States and its territories, while AG World Missions (AGWM) focuses on the mission beyond U.S. borders. AGWM is divided into geographic regions. AGUSM is divided into Windows based on mission-type: Chi Alpha Campus Ministry reaches colleges and universities, Chaplaincy focuses on the work through chaplain efforts, etc.

How can I promote U.S. Missions in my church and beyond?
A great way to promote U.S. Missions is through your personal network. If you are an individual, share the amazing stories you read here, on the AG News Web site, and in Influence magazines to your social media networks. Encourage your pastor to share these stories to your congregation. Consider volunteering through Church Mobilization, either for a short-term missions trip or as a summer intern. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

If you are the pastor of a church, U.S. Missions provides resources to help you promote missional work here in the United States.

How can I get involved in the work of U.S. Missions?
We are excited to have as many as want to be part of the missions work here in America, and we’ve created several ways you can be involved in U.S. Missions.

Pray. Pray for the missionaries your church supports. We have a couple of tools to help facilitate this.

  1. Online U.S. Missionary and Chaplain Prayer Guide. You can search for the missionaries you support, or search by day/week/month range. This gives your church the opportunity to pray for our missionaries, chaplains, and their spouses on their birthdays.
  2. Join the prayer team.

Give. In order to do the work God has called our missionary team to do, they need people who are willing to partner with them financially. When you support a U.S. missionary, you are an integral part of the work God is doing here in the United States. Our missionaries work in areas of the country that are not easily reached through traditional churches, and with people who would never come to your church. Your giving allows missionaries the ability to focus on building relationships, establishing resources and helps, and clearing the way for many people to come to Christ! We make it easy to give to a missionary. You can search for a missionary and give online at giving.ag.org. Once you create an account, you can easily manage your giving online, from individual donations to recurring donations.

Volunteer short-term. You can volunteer with U.S. Missions! You can volunteer on a short-term basis, either by yourself, with a small group, or a church group. Church Mobilization is designed to connect people to AG churches and institutions who need help with construction and evangelism projects. To see what’s currently available, visit the Church Mobilization Web site.

Serve for one to two years. You can also assist a U.S. missionary as a missionary associate (MA). MAs commit to one- to two-years of service assisting the missionary in day-to-day infrastructure (office) work, as well as on evangelism and discipleship endeavors. Missionary associates are highly valued and desperately needed to fulfill the vision God has given to the missionary to do. To see what opportunities are currently available, visit here. For more information on becoming a missionary associate, check out the God's Called. What's Next? magazine.

Join the team full time. God may be calling you to a lifetime of missions work right here in the United States. That’s excellent! To learn more about how to become a missionary and what steps you need to complete, visit the Become a U.S. Missionary section. This will walk you through the beginning steps toward becoming a U.S. missionary. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask! E-mail us or call (417) 862–2781, ext 3254.

How can I give to U.S. Missions?
You can give to a missionary, a U.S. Missions ministry or project, a U.S. Missions window, or to the general fund.

You can give through your church, as a designated offering, or you can send us your donation online or by mail. If you choose to mail in your donation, send it to:

Assemblies of God U.S. Missions
1445 N. Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802–1894

If you are giving to a specific missionary, ministry, or project, please notate that on the memo line.

You can also give online through AG Giving. You can give a one-time gift, or you can set up a recurring donation through this link. When you set up an account, you can manage your giving online.

Why would I want to become an Assemblies of God U.S. missionary?
Becoming a nationally recognized U.S. missionary with the Assemblies of God has many advantages. One great advantage is that U.S. Missions has a tried-and-true system in place to help you move quickly from candidate missionary (raising support) to the missions field, then offering continual support once you are in your missions field. You are never on your own and alone with U.S. Missions!

Visibility. National appointment provides U.S. missionaries with visibility throughout the Assemblies of God. We work closely with AG publications like AG News and Influence magazine to highlight our missionaries and their work to the AG constituency. U.S. Missions also highlights our missionaries through our social media networks as well as to our donors and supporters.

Credibility and Identification. Becoming a member of a national ministry enhances your credibility and gives you the opportunity to connect with Assemblies of God pastors, churches, and constituents. Being a U.S. Missions missionary tells the church you are in good standing, your ministry is validated, and their donations are going to a good cause. As an Assemblies of God U.S. missionary, you are accountable to a trusted national organization.

During itineration, you will see huge advantages to your association with AG U.S. Missions. When you connect with an AG church for a service or missions window, one of the first questions the church often asks is related to your affiliation and endorsement. The likelihood of you getting time in front of the pastor or the congregation increases significantly when you are part of U.S. Missions.

Promotional assistance. U.S. Missions assists our missionaries with resources to help them with their support (professional photography), and offers access to U.S. Missions resources and logos, faith promise forms and tax receipts, and other promotional items.

Networking. When you become part of U.S. Missions, you become part of a strategic team to reach America with the gospel of Christ. U.S. Missions is comprised of seven departments (Windows): Administration, Chaplaincy Ministries, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A., Intercultural Ministries, Adult and Teen Challenge, U.S.A., Church Mobilization, and Youth Alive. As a U.S. missionary, you will be assigned to one of these Windows, which will give you direct access to the team at the national office, as well as give you community with like-minded missionaries.

Senior Director. As you dive into your ministry, questions will come up. Some will be more easily answered than others. Being part of U.S. Missions gives you access to your senior director and the national department to help guide you to the answer and connect you with other missionaries who’ve faced similar challenges and questions. Our senior directors and their teams are a great resource for advice, encouragement, and prayer. You will feel connected and part of a great team!

Facilitation. One of the purposes for the national U.S. Missions office is to support and facilitate the U.S. Missions team. We offer training to help candidate missionaries be successful during itineration, and ongoing support when they are on assignment. It may feel new to you, but we have decades of success and experience ready to help you in your work.

I feel God is calling me to U.S. Missions work. What do I do next?
If you feel God is calling you to full-time missions work here in the United States, a great resource for you is our magazine, God Is Calling You. What’s Next? This free magazine will walk you through the beginning steps to become a U.S. missionary, and provide you with an overview of requirements and what each department does.

From there . . .

  • Contact the Window you feel best falls in line with what God is calling you to do. The window will ask you questions about your background, ministry and educational experience, training, credential status, and God’s call on your life.
  • Contact your district office and ask to speak with the missions director (or district superintendent). You will need to schedule a time to meet with them and discuss your calling and desire to pursue national appointment with U.S. Missions. The district will send a letter to your U.S. Missions window, so you can begin the application process. The U.S. Missions window will then send you an application packet. (Pay close attention to the deadlines for returning the application. They are important!)
  • After the senior director for the window has approved your application, U.S. Missions Administration will pull a credit report, criminal background check, district endorsement, and your references. You will then receive psychological forms to complete and return to the national office.
  • The next step is Prescreening. At prescreening, the U.S. Missions Executive Committee (U.S. Missions executive leadership and senior directors) will review your application, background checks, etc., and decide whether to allow you to continue the application process. If you are asked to continue, you will be invited to a candidate orientation week for training and a final interview. When you’ve successfully completed the training and itineration, you will be commissioned as a nationally appointed U.S. missionary. 
  • When receiving official approval from the U.S. Missions Executive Committee (USMEC) and attending candidate orientation, you will focus full time on itineration and will be considered “provisionally appointed” until your full budget is raised. At that time, you will participate in a Go! conference for fully funded missionaries, then become an appointed general U.S. missionary.
  • NOTE: In most cases, ordination is required to become a nationally appointed missionary. An exception can be made for those who lack ministerial experience and ordination through the Missionary in Training (MIT) program. (For more information on the MIT program, refer to the God Is Calling You magazine.) In this program, you will work for a minimum of two years under a veteran missionary. 



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