“Chaplains connect with people and administer Christ’s healing to the hurting when the local church is not an option.” —Manny Cordero, Chaplaincy Ministries senior director


U.S. Missions chaplains serve in areas where few Christians can—or even dare to—enter. Chaplains serve in high-risk areas such as the military, police and fire departments, and prisons. You will also find them on school campuses, in corporations, climbing mountains, on motorcycles, in rodeos, and driving cross-country in semi-trucks, just to name a few places. 


Chaplains go where the people are. Every day, they build relationships with people who need Jesus, and every day they have opportunities to talk about Him.


Chaplains are highly trained and highly skilled ministers of the gospel. These men and women are called to cultural groups or situational/vocational locations to exemplify God’s love to individuals in desperate need of Him. 



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2022 Stats

788 Endorsed Chaplains

123 Missionaries and spouses

61 Missionary Associates and spouses




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