Missionary Church Planters & Developers Senior Director


As senior director for Missionary Church Planters and Developers (MCPD), Darlene Robison facilitates the ministry of missionaries to urban and rural areas, unreached children, and underserved demographic groups across America. These missionaries work with existing churches to increase their capacity to fulfill the Great Commission and plant new churches in difficult communities. 


Darlene and her husband, Timothy, served as U.S. missionaries as part of the MCPD team for twelve years before she became senior director. Darlene and Timothy were involved primarily in planting churches in inner cities, training people in these communities for ministry leadership, and designing ministries that matched unique community needs. Darlene also served on a national team to train and care for missionaries. 


Darlene grew up in a pastor’s family—loving God, loving church, loving baseball—and usually loving her three siblings. After receiving her B.A. in biblical theology, she earned a master’s in Christian education with further graduate studies in intercultural communication. She is now living the sandwich-generation-life—helping with childcare as her two children start families of their own—and helping her hysterically humorous elderly mother. Darlene also runs a small cattle ranch with her siblings—and she usually still loves them. 





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(417) 862–2781, ext. 3252

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