“To build a support army that will have diverse ministry which will impact and assist in the growth of the ministries of the Assemblies of God.” 


Church Mobilization serves the Assemblies of God by providing opportunities to be involved in ministry, either as a church group or as individuals. Church Mobilization offers evangelism and construction support to other missionaries and AG churches, districts, colleges, and other facilities across our nation. 


Church teams participate in evangelism projects, construction projects, or both. These teams can vary in size and scope, and their trips last for a short period of time (a few days to a week or more). 


Missionary associates (MAs) usually commit to one to two years of service and work alongside a ministry leader. You will often find an MA helping with administration or maintenance work. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to assist a missionary—from office work and beyond. 


RVers come from a variety of professional and vocational backgrounds, ages, and gender. Many are retired or near retirement, but don’t have to be. RVers can serve for a few weeks to months at a location, and several spend an entire year traveling across America assisting missionaries and ministries on construction projects. 


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2022 Stats

812 RVvolunteers
106 Missionaries and spouses
150 Missionary Associates and spouses



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