Giving to AGUSM

Your continued support to U.S. missionaries and U.S. Missions ministries ensures they are able to continue reaching communities across the United States. 

When you support a U.S. missionary, project, or ministry financially, you enable the U.S. Missions team to stay focused on the people God has called us to reach.
When funds are tight, we all feel it! Financial support is crucial to the work our U.S. missionaries and their teams are called to do. 

There are many you can give to the work of the U.S. Missions team. Be sure to read the Donor Guide for traditional and non-traditional ways of giving to
missionary work here in the United States. (Or you can download a free PDF of the Donor Guide.)

Feel free to print out a faith promise form and mail it to us so your U.S. missionary knows he or she can count on your support. Mail it to: 

U.S. Missions 
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

If you prefer, you can submit a faith promise form online.

You can also manage your giving online. Once you set up an account, you can manage your one-time or recurring donations.
(If you only want to make a one-time gift, you don't have to register on the site.)

Below are a few ministries we've highlighted for you to consider. Click the button below to be taken to where you can find all the U.S. missionaries and U.S. Missions ministries you can support.


How You Can Reach America

U.S. Missions COVID Giving

Help us support our missionaries during this pandemic.

Crisis Response

Help AGUSM proactively respond during times of crisis!

Reach America Candidates

Help U.S. missionary candidates cross the finish line in their fundraising efforts.

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