The Robinsons: Living What They Preach

Once you see their passion to serve others, it’s clear that Karen and Doyle Robinson live what they preach when it comes to ministry. 

(We’re) doing something out of the box, challenging, and a jump of faith! Not just to be different but seeing unmet needs and allowing God to meet the needs as we follow HimWe just wanted to reach youth that weren’t reached by the church, says Doyle.

Youth pastors turned full-time missionaries, the Robinsons have had the opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus through loving others and supplying for their needs for over two decades. 

Now serving with Missionary Church Planters and Developers at Sox Place in Denver, Colorado, the Robinsons get to share the hope of Jesus with the homeless community by serving meals as well as supplying clothing, blankets, personal hygiene items, socks, and “huge amounts of love,” says Doyle.

Among the countless numbers of people impacted by the ministry of Sox Place is Gonja

The Robinsons first met Gonja when she was just fourteen years old, living on the streets and addicted to meth with no parental input. When Gonja had her first child at sixteen, Karen threw a baby shower for her to assure her she wasn’t alone and was loved. After many years of sharing the gospel with Gonjaby loving her despite her failures and flaws, she finally gave her life to the Lord

Now alive in Christ, Gonja is faithful to attend church and is in the process of regaining custody of her three children.

“We plow the ground, plant and water the seed, and rest in God’s power to change the dark heart, says Doyle. While it can be frustrating not seeing large numbers of conversions, we understand that this is the very beginning of the street work.”

The Robinsons are a great representation of Proverbs 24:27 (ESV): “Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.” 

Though the fruit of their ministry hasn’t always been easy or immediately tangible, the Robinsons have had the blessing of being in it together as a family. 

The support of Karen and our two sons have been there from the beginningThe most favorite thing has been the honor of working with my two sons and seeing them grow in their walk with Christ while doing missions.”

Although ministry with family may have its challenges, the Robinsons have always been diligent to put God first so everything else can fall into place. “Spending consistent time with God your Father makes everything right,” says Doyle“Investing in your family, making them more important than the ministry, makes your ministry rightTaking care of yourself physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually makes it possible to do the ministryKeeping ministry behind God, family, and self-care keeps everything in balanceObedience brings miracles! God always, always meets our needsAlways!




















































































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