Pioneer Valley Assembly: Continuing ministry outside of the box

At the start of 2020, no one had any indication it would be such an eventful, scary time. The COVID-19 pandemic made it apparent that, regardless of country, background, and walk of life, everyone craves one thing—connection. Human nature stirs a longing for personal connection with others to offer assurance that no one is alone. 

Though this season has revealed the worst in people, it has also revealed the best. People and organizations are going to extraordinary lengths to stay connected with others. There is unity between all walks of life, coming together to encourage each other and bring hope to their communities in a dark time. 

Churches are also coming together, finding unique ways to reach people through online resources and in person. Now that traditional on-site church services are not an option, there are opportunities to find creative ways to stay connected. That is just what Pioneer Valley Assembly of God did for their church’s Palm Sunday service. 

Pioneer Valley Assembly of God in Huntington, Massachusetts began holding drive-in parking lot services on March 29. These services comply with all Massachusetts COVID-19 gathering restrictions, as well as social distancing protocols, as all churchgoers remain in their vehicles during these outdoor services. 

“When we gathered here over these last few weeks, we weren’t just focusing on our own anxieties,” said Pastor Chuck Vanasse. “We also encouraged everyone to be a good neighbor, help out those who are in need, and be supportive of everybody who is sacrificing in this time.” 

For this season, Pastor Vanasse has stepped out of the pulpit and is now sharing a message of hope to his congregation through their car windows. It is a step toward something the community of Huntington will remember for a long time. 

Pioneer Valley has now had four drive-in services, including a very successful Easter service, and will continue as long as they can through the remainder of this unique time.




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