Retirement Letter from Zollie

Dear Friend,

It is with gratitude and appreciation that I take this moment to let you know that I have decided to retire at the end of my term as U.S. Missions executive director with the 2017 General Council.

What a privilege it has been to serve as executive director these past ten years. I know God ordained my time at the national office. The greatest joy I have discovered was the joy of working with the great men and women of our Fellowship. Working alongside these gifted and talented people has allowed me to maximize my potential, and I am grateful for their influence in my life.

During this time I feel I have matured in my personal development, in my working relationships, and most importantly, in my true identity in Christ. This couldn’t have taken place anywhere else other than as an employee of the NLRC.

I have been blessed to work alongside Dr. Wood and my Executive Leadership Team colleagues—some of the greatest individuals I’ve had the privilege to be associated with.  I’ve been blessed by the leadership of our districts through their contributions to me as a leader, their encouragement, and the inspiration they’ve provided over the years.

I would also like to thank the AGUSM Administration team as key players in shaping the viability and sustainability of AGUSM to a place of effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling the mandate God has given us—to reach the lost. It has been enriching to serve with them in advancing the kingdom of God.

I cannot express the joy, honor, and privilege of working alongside the dedicated and committed group of laborers that is our U.S. missionaries, chaplains, and volunteers. The sacrifices they’ve made has motivated me to expand my reach to make sure AGUSM continues adding value to them, resourcing them, and encouraging replication within their ministries so their legacy will live on.

To all the AG family who had confidence in me and elected me three times to this position, I owe you a special thanks of appreciation for trusting me with such a high calling. I hope I have represented you well as I have done my best to the glory of God. 

Most importantly, I want to thank my wife, Phyllis, for her patient and loving support that has enabled me to fulfill my God-given assignment as AGUSM executive director.

It is with confidence that I pass the baton of a healthy AGUSM to the next leader. I know the work will continue to move forward ushering in the return of Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Your continued support enabled me to finish my assignment well—all to the glory of God.  

That none perish,

Zollie L. Smith, Jr.
Executive Director 



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