Life360 Intercultural Campus

Life360 Intercultural Campus is an intercultural church in Springfield, MO.  

Interested in an internship?
Learn how to build a heavenly church here on earth with an ethnically and culturally diverse leadership team! Get out of your comfort-zone and see how God will maximize your gifts and talents for His glory by reaching all nations. Contact Rev. Damon Duran for more info at 417-861-3972 or by clicking the button below.

Interested in becoming a missionary associate?

Intercultural Worship:
Life 360 Intercultural is looking for a musically gifted and Spirit-led leader who can (or is willing to) sing in different languages and play music in various styles. Potentially start music lessons for neighbors (kids or adults) living in poverty to spread a positive Christian influence.

Children's Ministry (K-5):
Life 360 Intercultural is looking for a creative, fun, and Spirit-led leader who can relate to ethnically diverse children and continue the partnership with local public schools with ESL program. (Prefer married couple)

Spanish-Speaking Pastor:
Life 360 Intercultural is looking for a compassionate and Spirit-led leader who can invest in the Hispanic neighbors through home-visits, leading a bible study, and other ministries to promote unity in diversity. Opportunity to partner with Grupo Latino Americano and other Hispanic organizations for community engagement.

Community Network:
Life 360 Intercultural is looking for a proactive, culturally-competent, and Spirit-led leader who loves getting into the community to serve and partner with other organizations for greater influence. Opportunities to network, include but not limited to, local refugee institute, universities, City of Springfield, etc.


Email for more information about internships

Email for more information about becoming a missionary associate


Location: Springfield, MO

Types of Opportunities: Internship, Missionary Associate


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1445 North Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
417.862.2781 ext. 3254

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