Missionary Associate in Michigan


U.S. missionary John Koski is looking for a missionary associate to assist in ministry to Muslims in the Dearborn, Michigan, area. Dearborn has the largest concentration of Muslims in North America. The person they are looking for is a born-again, Spirit-filled male who has the desire to learn about ministry to Muslims by living in a Muslim community here in the United States. (Due to the nature of this ministry, applicants must be male.) The community is made up of Arab Muslims from Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq. You will have hands-on ministry experience in a safe and economical environment with few language barriers. This is a great opportunity for someone who feels God may be calling them to reach Muslims in another country. College degree helpful but not mandatory. 

When needed: Ongoing 

Length of commitment: Negotiable

Accommodations: Guest room with missionary 

Meals: Provided

Estimated costs: Housing ($200/month), transportation ($100/month), food ($100/month), utilities ($40/month), plus cost of beginning Arab lessons 

For more information or to apply, contact:

John Koski

(313) 584–5780


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