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Timothy started drinking at the age of 18 and became a heavy drinker and marijuana user as he grew older. He started to dabble with prescription pills when he was in medical school studying emergency medicine. A weightlifting injury drove him further into opioid usage. He went from Vicodin prescribed for his back pain to heroin. He was deep in drugs and his life was spiraling out of control.

He was kicked out of medical school and was in and out of jail multiple times. He finally reached the end of his rope. With no job, no money, and no friends, he cashed out his retirement fund. He planned to go on a drug binge and end his life in a lonely motel room. He felt he didn’t deserve a second chance at life and this dark path he was on was most likely the end of his journey.

But God had a different plan. Timothy did not die that night. As he sat in a corner in a dense fog of disillusionment and despair, he realized he needed to change his life.

After years of struggling with the burden of addiction, Timothy entered a detox program. But full sobriety was not in his immediate plans. He went into treatment and left the program after two weeks. He thought he could control his addiction, but the addiction was still controlling him.After a month, he finally realized that he needed to get clean. God showed him that Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge was where he needed to be. He was now on a mission to let the program help him recover his life and become a new creation.

He finished the medical detox program, moved into the 30-day clinical program, and then entered the residential faith-based program at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge. However, he was almost kicked out early on.

“I remember being told I would need to leave, and I was devastated. All the hard work I had put into this was now at the brink of being lost because I did something stupid,” says Timothy.

Although the rules of the program required Timothy to leave, the chief medical clinician saw something special in him and gave him a second chance. That decision would forever change Timothy’s path to recovery.

God was able to lift the guilt and shame of wasting his talents and skills all those years. Jesus overcame the lies in Timothy’s mind that he was not going to amount to anything in life. As he immersed himself into the Word of God, Timothy learned that he could not change the past, but he could share about how God and the program transformed his life.

The Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge program gave Timothy the tools and resources to prepare his mind, body and spirit for an outside world without drugs and alcohol. Walking away from addiction is not an easy process. He has to carry that cross daily to stay focused and in control, but Jesus Christ is keeping him grounded. Even when times have been rough and he felt God wasn’t there, God was holding him in his arms with a plan and purpose for his life.

Timothy is gradually rebuilding his life and replacing the pain and guilt with the joy and love of Jesus.


“When I was at my darkest point in life,

PA Adult & Teen Challenge provided me

with a life-changing opportunity.”


- Timothy, Graduate of Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge




Through this process of healing and restoration, Timothy walked out of Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge a new person. He feels the steps of faith he took last year are just the first in a wonderful life-changing transformation that God continues to do.

Timothy plans to go back to grad school to get a degree in counseling. Meanwhile, he is joining the Intern Program at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge to help with the Drug Awareness Team and other areas of marketing and advancement. 

“Although I don’t understand why God allows things in our lives, I do know that the ripple effect of our life transformation is endless. The number of people touched and affected by God’s beautiful miracles in my life is amazing, and I can’t wait for what my new future has for me,” says Timothy.

Timothy is inspired by the words of his father Frank, who says, “As painful as this process has been, I believe more in the Lord now. Understanding and seeing what Tim has gone through, my faith in God has grown now more than ever before.”

Timothy is now focusing on his passions and the joy of walking daily with Jesus. “If you keep your focus on that, success will come,” he says.


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